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Vivienne Westwood designs for FRANK Water

Intellectuals Unite. Brilliant new water bottle with all profits for charity.

Intellectuals Unite. Brilliant new water bottle with all profits for charity.

British fashion legend, Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE teams up with UK Water Charity, FRANK Water to design new refillable water bottle

Fashion designer and activist, Vivienne Westwood has designed a brand new limited edition refillable FRANK water bottle with all profits raised supporting the charity.

The bottle features distinctive, attention-grabbing imagery and words from the designer’s latest campaign ‘Intellectuals Unite.’ The campaign calls on every thinking global citizen to take action (however small) against the progress of climate change.

Third world and developing countries are likely to suffer the effects of climate change far more acutely than the developed world, through floods, drought, unpredictable monsoons and contaminated water. 

Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution campaign has seen her speaking at universities across the UK, at marches, demonstrations and through her blog and social media.

Dame Vivienne said: “In India, 76 million people have no safe water. The majority of these live on £3 per day*. Buying water from a tanker costs around 1p per litre. In the West, we use around 350 litres per day. Even half that quantity would still take over 50% their daily wage. What choice do people have but to find a different, probably dirty source of water? That’s where FRANK Water comes in.”

FRANK Water funds safe drinking water and sanitation projects in India where there are more people living without safe water than anywhere else in the world **. Aquifers provide 85% drinking water but groundwater levels are falling across the country through drought and depletion. ***

FRANK Water Founder and CEO, Katie Alcott said, "We are thrilled to be working with Dame Vivienne. Not only is she arguably the best-known fashion designer in the world, she’s also a passionate and committed campaigner for action against climate change. The communities we work with rely on predictable weather for their lives and their livelihoods. Even the smallest rise in temperature could be devastating for them.” 

Not only do all profits from sales of the bottles help FRANK Water provide access to safe water and sanitation for more people who currently live without, the bottles also help highlight how lucky we are in this country to be able to drink from the tap without hesitation.  

Since 2005, FRANK Water has reached more 326,000 people with safe water and sanitation.

The beautiful bottles with a conscience will be available online at from 18th July 2016 as well as at some festivals across the UK and selected UK stockists. £29 each    

*World Bank (2014); **; ***Central Ground Water Board (2013, 2014)

About Dame Vivienne Westwood/Climate Revolution

Vivienne Westwood began designing in 1971 along with Malcolm McLaren, when London was at the forefront of cultural trends. In 1984 she launched her own fashion line and in 2004 the V&A hosted a Vivienne Westwood retrospective exhibition to celebrate her 34 years in fashion – the largest exhibition ever devoted to a living British fashion designer. In 2006, she was appointed Dame of the British Empire. 

Vivienne has always used her collections and catwalk shows as a platform to campaign for positive activism. She has spent many years tirelessly speaking out about the effects of climate change and over-consumption, and has mobilised international attention around ecological crusading. Vivienne compares the dire situation to battle:

“It’s a war for the very existence of the human race. And that of the planet. The most important weapon we have is public opinion: go to art galleries, start to understand the world you live in. You're a freedom fighter as soon as you start doing that.” 

Vivienne inaugurated the 'Climate Revolution' at the 2012 London Paralympics closing ceremony and continues to rally charities, NGO’s and individuals to join forces and to take action against disengaged political leaders and big business.

“The Revolution is already begun. The fact of man-made climate change is accepted by most people. Through every walk of life people are changing their values and their behaviour.  This continues to build the Revolution. The fight is no longer between the classes or between rich and poor but between the idiots and the eco-conscious.” - Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne’s monthly diary and more information on her concerns, passions and campaigns can be found at

About FRANK Water

Founded in 2005 by award-winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott, FRANK Water funds safe water and sanitation projects in developing countries. FRANK Water works closely with in-country NGO Partners to implement clean water projects using appropriate technology. Projects are community-owned and made sustainable by an affordable user-fee model.



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